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A Selfie for Your Website

Andrew Elliott

How do you know what your website looks like out in the wild?  Sure you test with a half-dozen devices and browser types, but what about, say, the Yandex browser (big in Eastern Europe), or on a Chromebook, or on a Playstation, or even on a Blackberry?  How much are these minority devices and browsers even used?

And when people find your website, what do they do?  Navigate confidently to where they will find the content they want, or scroll up and down, hovering over the "Try Me" button, before returning to the "About Us" page?

Echo Reflect ( records every visit to your website, so you can see exactly who is finding you, and what they are doing when they find you on the web.  It holds on to those recordings, so you can analyse your customer base, and the experience you provide them, in detail.

Oh, and think about the possibilities for your internal IT department: imagine your IT crowd able to pull up a recording showing exactly what Matt on the sixth floor did, that crashed the payments system...