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What Would Make Your Business Revolutionary?

Andrew Elliott

We founded Revolutionary Systems to be a vehicle for exploring and developing new technology to the point where it becomes a sound basis for commercial development.  We love engaging with technological problems, especially new and challenging ones, and finding new ways to deliver efficient and robust solutions.  

But especially, we love to find people with vision: those who can see how technology can transform their business.  

Just try for a moment to envisage what your working life would have been like just ten years ago.  The web in infancy, smart phones more or less non-existent, satnavs a flash toy.  How many small revolutions have taken us from that to where we are now?  And what, in your business, will be the revolution that will make 2015 unrecognisable in a decade?  

If you have the vision, Revolutionary Systems can help you turn it into reality. And day by day, there are newer and better tools out there to help us do the job, much of it at low or no cost. Even the giant Amazon offers "free tier" services for small operations, and over the decade that our folk have been using Amazon Web Services, their prices have only got cheaper.  We know how to use these services to deliver the cheapest data centre possible.

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